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Jogging on the Beach: The Essentials

September 11, 2017

Jogging on the beach is a whole new ball game for me. For the past few years most of my runs have taken place on park trails complete with plenty of shade trees. You don’t see many of those along the seawall here in Galveston, just palm trees that do not provide much shade at all. So I have made a few adjustments to my typical running and exercise essentials when it comes to an outdoor sweat session.

First things first…sunscreen.

I remember back in high school when it was super cool to have tan lines. It was a way to prove to everyone just how much time you spent in the sun. with a legitimate fear of wrinkles now, and the occasional strapless dress required for weddings, the last thing I want is a racerback tan line! Bring on the SPF! I wear a minimum of SPF 30 before I head outside, and I always use sport or waterproof sunscreen.

Another key item to defend myself from the sun: a ball cap. Spend any time in direct sun and your forehead is the first thing to burn. I always run with a ballcap and tight-fitting shades. My favorite hats are vented like this one from Nike. Most athletic brands have caps like these. They’re perfect for any day out on the water, not just for runs.

Now let’s talk about this humidity.

I lived in Houston for about 18 months, but there is nothing like the humidity right next to the ocean. To make running a little easier I like to wear light-weight tanks like this one from Lululemon. There is no escaping the dripping sweat! Moisture-wicking materials help keep you dry and cool.

Lastly, I have to have light-weight running shoes. I’ve been wearing Brooks religiously for a few years now. Nike makes some super light-weight running shoes as well, but I have found that Brooks just seem to last a little longer for me.

My running goals:

I would LOVE to complete the Galveston Half-Marathon in February of 2018. If you have a running plan that you love please share! Right now I am comfortably running 3 to 5 miles. Slow and steady wins the race.

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