Black body con tank dress with plaid blanket scarf

Simple Nutrition Tips to Stick to in 2018

January 8, 2018

Black body con tank dress with plaid blanket scarf

Black body con tank dress with plaid blanket scarf

Classic plaid scarf with Axis deer print bag

Classic plaid scarf with Axis deer print bag

Stacked gold bracelets with classic plaid scarf

Black body con tank dress with plaid blanket scarf

Dress: Nordstrom | Booties: Nordstrom | Scarf: Shein or Red Dress Boutique | Bracelets: Kendra Scott Baublebar | Earrings: Kendra Scott | Bag: Barrington Gifts 

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Everyone is looking for that quick fix to becoming healthier in 2018. Trust me, if there was a magic pill that actually worked we would all be taking it. We can make small, realistic changes to our lifestyle and mindset to get us started in the right direction though. I’m calling these “nutrition tips” because each one ties back to nutrition and fueling the body. I’m not going to tell you to start some trendy diet or put down the wine glass (I’m not that crazy). I’m going to give you four simple nutrition tips to ease yourself into making healthier lifestyle choices.

Here are four simple nutrition tips to stick to this year to help you form healthier lifestyle habits:

ONE: Listen to your body’s hunger cues

This is the leading component in intuitive eating. Let’s say I’m eating a California Pizza Kitchen BBQ Chicken pizza (which I had last night and it was so good!). A few bites in I realize just how good the pizza is, and before I know it the entire thing is gone! Consumed! And now I feel uncomfortably full. In this situation we tend to blame pizza for being an unhealthy food. The real problem: I did not stop when I felt full. I over-ate and now have consumed more calories than necessary. This is the theory that Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD, AND, and Eylse Resch, MS, RD, FADA, CEDRD explain in their book Intuitive Eating: A revolutionary program that works. I’ve considered starting a blog series based on this book.

TWO: Write a grocery list and stick to it

Set yourself up for success and go into the grocery store with a plan. I keep a weekly grocery list going on a notepad in my kitchen. I should probably start keeping it on my phone because I’ve left it on the kitchen counter too many times. My list keeps me on track, prevents me from spending too much, and makes trips to the store less stressful. I have a full post on my weekly grocery list with a printable version here.

THREE: Drink more water

I’m sure you’ve heard the trick of drinking more water to make you feel fuller. That’s not why I’m telling you to drink more water though. Women’s Health Magazine has shared 5 ways water can help you lose weight, and they make some great points. My favorite: “It helps you heed hunger cues.”

FOUR: Biggest of all…don’t be hard on yourself

Cut yourself some slack! When you shame yourself for your eating habits you go into a downward spiral that could cause you to eat even more! I am myself’s biggest critic, and most of the time it does me no good. Back to the idea of intuitive eating, I try to listen to my body and be accepting of its cravings. If you’re craving something it’s okay to have a little bit. If you constantly tell yourself no you’ll just end up binging on that “forbidden” food. This is another concept covered in Intuitive Eating. Just another reason for me to start a blog series. Samina Qureshi RDN, LD, the owner of Wholesome Start, counsels her clients with the idea that all foods fit.

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