lucky brand booties with a low heel

Styling Low-Heeled Booties

August 23, 2017

If I had a dollar for every pair of booties in my closet I might be able to afford to remodel my closet to fit them all in there nicely. I love booties! It had been a little too long since I had been in DSW. I stopped in the other day to just look around and, of course, I feel in love with these shoes. I wanted some reassurance before I pulled the trigger on these so I sent a photo to my mom and asked if I should by them. She replied, “Do you have anything else like them?” Nope. So I got em, and I am loving these low-heeled booties.

These are unlike any of my booties because they have a low heel! My favorite thing about booties are the height of the heel without the full on sass of a pump. Sometimes I wanna add some height while still giving off a casual vibe. That’s exactly what a heeled bootie accomplishes, in my opinion. I’m excited to mix it up with this pair though.

I have put together three different looks with these low-heeled booties by Lucky Brand. From shorts and a tee to a sweater and jeans, I tried to cover looks that can get you from the end of summer to the beginning of winter.

Look One: Cutoffs and a Tee

Lucky Brand booties, cutoff shorts, Green long sleeve tee

Look Two: Casual Floral Dress

floral dress with pockets, Lucky Brand low-heeled booties

Look Three: Skinny Jeans and Oversized Sweater

oversized white sweater, distressed skinny jeans, lucky brand booties


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