Spending More Time in Prayer: Moving to Galveston

August 7, 2017

galveston beach blue chairs

Galveston beach blue beach chairs

Galveston beach blue beach chairs

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Yep, we’re moving to Galveston. I’ve posted some teasers about this post, and I am excited to finally hit publish.

I think I do my best blogging when I become overwhelmed with feels, and tonight is one of those nights. I’m writing this blog night by night as different thoughts, feelings, and inspirations hit me. We think we know what is best for us, and we try to make plans accordingly. Sometimes God likes to chuckle to himself and decides to switch it up to keep us on our toes. Remember that time Milton and I went on a canoe trip and I learned to let go and let God. Well I had no idea what was going to be in store for me just a few months later.

Let’s back up a bit

A while ago I shared the story of how Milton proposed to me after I had followed him from Austin to Houston and back to Austin. We lived in an apartment just south of downtown until we bought our house that I became absolutely obsessed with. ((which now that I look back, I was hesitant from day 1 to put a single hole in any of these walls. As of today we have been in this house for about 7 months and I think I have hung two shelves, making it a grand total of four holes that I’ve put into these walls. God must have been giving me a sign all along))

Today I’m publishing this post to announce that Milton and I are moving to his hometown of Galveston, Texas.  He’s BOI (born on the island), and both his father and mother have businesses there. When he took me home for the first time I knew this is where we would end up, but I didn’t quite think we would be making the move before our first wedding anniversary.

We put roots down in Austin. I was counting down the days until the first kickoff at DKR (the longhorn football stadium).

I think the most shocking part about it is just how far I will be from my parents. That is strictly geographically speaking, though.  If you look at my phone bill I would imagine 89% of my data is used on calls and texts to my mother. I’m pretty sure I have told her goodnight at least 6 out of 7 days of the week for the past 8 years. No shame.

Galveston beach blue beach chairs

Galveston beach blue beach chairs

Galveston beach blue beach chairs

What brings us to Galveston?

Milton had been working in the construction industry since college, but an opportunity in medical sales came up and he knew he had to jump on it.  His new position covers the greater Houston area, so it became the perfect excuse to move back home.  While he has an exciting new job, I am back at square one (remember those blogs about how to prepare for an interview and what to wear to one?). However, this move could be just what my blog needs. I mean…who doesn’t want to blog from the beach seven days a week?!

One thing I am taking away from all of this change: the importance of spending time in prayer.  I cannot deny that these changes have been pretty challenging for me, but I definitely could be spending more time in prayer in order to process it better.  I was texting my best friend last week and I told her that God doesn’t give us challenges that we can’t handle. We have all of the tools we need to get through these things, it is just a matter of utilizing them. One of those tools is prayer. I can talk to my mom or talk to my friends about this change in my life, but it just isn’t the same as talking to The Lord.